My story is a lot like the JOB story in the Bible. I had wealth and health. I lost both. I lived through the distressing 1977-1981 Carter Administration's policies. After graduating from college as a mature student in 1979, right in the middle of the Carter years, I became a registered nurse and began my career in a local hospital. I entered the workforce during a severe nursing shortage. My dream of working as a nurse quickly turned into a nightmare due to the shortage of nurses. We were assigned 2x3 times the amount of work usually required of a nurse. I hated my decision to become a nurse until I transferred into a (SICU) surgical intensive care unit. There I found my niche in nursing. I also loved working in (CCU) coronary intensive care unit. My husband and I owned a successful home building business before I entered college. By the time I graduated, our business was in trouble. By 1981, due to Carter's policies, our home building business was devastated by historically high interest rates and inflation. These were the worst years of my life. Today, during the Biden Administration in 2022, it is déjà vu all over again for me. However, I am in a vastly different situation this time and will not suffer as much as I did under Jimmy Carter's policies. I have authored this book to warn the reader(s) that we are only half-way through the problems caused by Joe Biden. He has two more years to go. Everyone needs to pray for the best but be prepared for the worst. Read this book to see if God turns things around for me like he did JOB.