My life was a mess. I had faith in God, but sometimes I wondered if he really exists. One day, my best friend and I held a prayer meeting with two pastor's wives. Sitting around a kitchen table holding hands, and praying for a few minutes, I earnestly prayed for God to manifest himself to me. My eyes were tightly shut, and in the darkness, I saw a tiny white dot of light in the far distance. This light kept moving toward me and got bigger and bigger until it slammed into my face. The other three ladies were involved physically as if an electrical current coursed through all of us. The physical aspects of the miracle stopped at that point with them but continued with me. Somehow, they knew the miracle was only meant for me. You can find out what happened from that moment on when you read my book. You must believe me because I do not lie, am not mentally unstable, and have never once questioned my faith since this happened to me.