Prologue: Hurricane Slams Hospital

This is a book based very loosely on actual events that happened when Hurricane Fredrick hit the hospital I was working in as a registered nurse at the time. It is a collection of "tall tales" told to me by other nurses, even some working in other medical facilities, plus my own experience. However, some of the tales are "hyped up" to the point they are considered to be fictional. The dramatic story leans toward comedy by the quirky characters who create chaos adding to the problems created by the hurricane. The most interesting character in the book is a homeless and quirky patient called Mary Agnes.

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The Deacon

This is a story of Derek Castle, a Denzel Washington look-a-like, who was a Deacon in his local church. He loved God, but was confronted with a serious problem and he was forced to make a bad decision which led to others until he was in danger of not only ruining his life, but the lives of all of his family.

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