A Personal Journey into the World of Alzheimer's Disease

When I was in high school, I became friends with a girl who was a fraternal twin.  What attracted us to be friends was because we both loved to have fun in a variety of ways.  Her twin was nothing like her, was very conservative, didn't talk much,  but was a beautiful girl.  I didn't have much in common with her so we weren't friends.  However, after marriage, we met in a government job position, and I had matured and was more conservative.  We connected!   From that point on, we became fast friends, then best friends for the rest of her life when she died over thirty years later.  Her husband and my husband became best friends and we constantly shared our lives as couples as we surfed through life.  I thought she was an absolutely  perfect friend, who always supported me through tough times, and vice-versa, and I also respected her husband.  When she came down with Alzheimer's disease at 50 years old, my respect deepened for her husband  as I watched him care for her through 17 long years.  It is a story of a wonderful friendship and a love story between her husband and her that endured through good times and bad times.