Review of Books

Reviews are very important.  For books, they can make or break an author's career.  When picking out a book, the amount of reviews and stars play an important part in the selection.  This is bad for brand new authors who do not have a chance to accumulate any reviews.

 However, it is also bad for authors who have been writing a long time.  The amount of reviews are not equivalent to how many books that have been sold. 

I am confident I speak for all authors of books that everyone would greatly appreciate a review to be left about their book.  Unless it is a terrible book, it is simply cruel to leave less than 3 stars and a bad review.  Writers spend many hours writing a book, sometimes years.  

I want to express my thanks for considering a request to write a review after reading a book.  DO NOT leave a review on this website; leave one on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BAM, etc.

 Happy reading!

Audrey Phillips Cox

APC Writer & Publisher