What is the responsibility of a member of a church?

Churches are tools of God. What is the responsibility of a member of a church?

Too many people think of a church as being a building situated on a piece of property usually in their neighborhood; however, a building is only a church if it is occupied by Christians.  Otherwise, it is just a building.

What defines a good church?  

It should be headed up and guided by a pastor/preacher “called” by God, not by someone who thinks it would make a good job choice.  While one might be called to undertake many pastoral duties, the most important function is to inspire and motivate the members to commit themselves to God in the sermons they deliver.

What is a good sermon?  A sermon should be inspired by God, received by a pastor while on his knees, because he knows what the members need to hear.  Sermons should not be prepared like a “paper project sermon” to be turned into a professor at Seminary.  A sermon full of lifeless words, and even filled with many scriptures that do not enhance the point of the sermon, does not inspire the members.  The words should have “life” that touches the hearts of all the members that are listening.  I repeat “listening” and applying it to their lives.

What is the responsibility of a member of a church?  

Too many members think that if they give up sleeping late on Sunday and attending church, they have done their duty to God.  While this is a good thing, it is not all that is expected of a Christian.  A Christian should take all they have learned and take it with them as they leave church and return home.  It should be put into practice.  Sometimes it takes extreme dedication, commitment, and courage to stand out as a Christian at work or at other establishments. 

While at church, members should promote and encourage visitors and other members to feel welcome, safe from criticism and judgement, and feel the Holy Spirit through the love of God.  Gossip, back-stabbing, and other negative behaviors should be absent from any gathering of Christians.

Is there too much responsibility placed on the pastor/preacher to guide and inspire the members of a church?  God expects the church, body of believers, to work as a team and everyone should work harmoniously to spread the love of God.

How should you feel when you leave a church?  Happy, inspired to live a life pleasing to God, committed to spreading the word of God, and looking forward to going back to church to get your Spiritual gas tank filled.