26 Jan

Biden is on steroids trying to undo all the good accomplished during the Trump Administration.  Why would he immediately, on the first day, kill the Keystone Pipeline project?  Was he being VINDICTIVE or doing it for the GOOD of America?  Before the project was started, there was a lot of research done to make sure it could be constructed and utilized safely.  Actually, it is far more safe to transport oil from Canada by the pipeline rather than by rail or trucks.  The extreme environmental left-wing Democrats pushed against the project long before it even started.  With a pen he caused 11,000+ jobs to be lost.  As bad as that was, it has endangered America's ability to stay independent for oil.  Everyone in America will suffer because it will cause energy prices to escalate.  Democrats make decisions using "convoluted logic" rather than using "common sense" to govern the nation.      

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