02 Aug

The proof in in the pudding as the old timers say.  Democratic voters have elected Biden and Kamala, and may elect them again in 2024.  Biden is clearly suffering from Dementia, makes many gaffs as he tries to speak, needs help from his staff to function, and is caught telling outrageous lies.  One big lie is that the citizens of the US are better off since he took office.  Lately, it has come out that he is being accused of colluding with his son Hunter in bribery schemes from foreign countries.. 

As for Kamala Harris, she doesn't appear to do anything.  She doesn't pass up the chance to fly to a foreign country where she will be treated with respect, while she is only mocked in the US.  Why?  She is the CZAR of the border and the border between America and Mexico is wide open.  Thousands per day cross the border illegally bringing in Fentanyl, child abductors, rapists, and all sorts of criminals that are mixed in with good immigrants.  The only thing Kamala is good at is inappropriate giggling, using word salad rhetoric.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how Biden and Kamala got into the most powerful positions in America.  As I said in the beginning, DEMOCRAT VOTERS ARE NOT VERY SMART.   

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