12 Jun

How have I cheated death?  I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and endometrial cancer while both cancers simultaneously resided in my body in 2002.  I am still alive and doing well in 2023.  Treatment for endometrial cancer is commonly well-known, but since pancreatic cancer is rare, I will only address this cancer. 

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1)  What are the statistics regarding pancreatic cancer?  Pancreatic cancer remains the third deadliest cancer in America, with as few as 8% of patients surviving five years after diagnosis, and 71% of those diagnosed given a life expectancy of less than one year to live. 

2)  By 2030, pancreatic cancer is projected to be the #2 cause of cancer-related death in the United States. Once pancreatic cancer has spread to other organs, surrounding lymph nodes, or other parts of the body, the average life expectancy is just three to six months

3) Why is Pancreatic Cancer so Deadly?   What makes pancreatic cancer so deadly is that, not only is it aggressive, but we know very little about it compared to other types of tumors. Many types of cancers now have exhaustive lists of risk well-understood factors. With pancreatic cancer, we can scarcely connect together more risk factors than family history and smoking. Additionally, diabetes, chronic pancreas inflammation, and a high-fat diet may also contribute. 

My story from this point on:    In 2002, I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer and underwent surgery to undergo a hysterectomy.  After the surgery, I underwent a CT scan to assure the doctor everything had gone well and was still going well.

During that scan, the technician doing the scan moved higher in my body and discovered a mass as big as a lemon in my pancreas.  This alerted my doctor that more tests needed to be done to find out what the mass represented.  The mass was the result of pancreatic cancer.

Once again, I underwent surgery where 2/3 of my pancreas was removed.  The surgeon was not absolutely positive he had gotten it all.  The pancreas regulates the sugar intake of the body.

After surgery on both cancers, I had no post-op treatment with chemotherapy which is commonly done to assure neither cancer would come back.

Without surgery, the life expectancy was up to nine (9) months. With surgery, the life expectancy was up to five (5)years.

At this writing, it is the year 2023, twenty (20) years later.  I am doing well with no symptoms of either endometrial or pancreatic cancer coming back.

It is to be noted:  I do not have a family history of Pancreatic Cancer.  I have never smoked or drank more than an occasional alcoholic drink. 

 Today, I have no diabetes since the 1/3 left of my pancreas is working well to regulate my sugar.  I can eat whatever I want to eat.  I do not have any trouble digesting my food. 

How I have cheated death?    I am a dedicated Christian who believes in God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost who have blessed me with this miracle.  Sure, the medical doctors and surgeons deserve credit, but they had help with the diagnosis and surgery.  In my case, with my faith and many prayers, the grim reaper was defeated and he's mad!!!


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