15 Mar

Socialism is a form of government where everything is owned and run by the government.  How would you like for our government to be in total control of our lives?  Horrors!  Basic socialism is ascertained by many people, young and older uninformed people, that it would present a utopian world where there would be no inequality among the masses.  Like all theories, it doesn't work out as well in reality as it does on paper. 

After researching for failed socialistic run countries, I found too many countries that have either failed or is not run like the "fantasy" theory of many people.  I have also found many variations of what many people think socialism is really like, and the opinions are numbered like the sands of the sea.  Socialism is a form of Communism as seen by many definitions. 

While I am not an expert myself, I think socialism would work well for the lazy, non-ambitious type of people who wants things to "come easy" and likes to receive "free things" without working for them.    As for me being a  capitalistic minded person, I get a "high" on the challenges of life to succeed.  I would be "miserable" if I was handed everything on a silver platter.  

As I did research for this blog, I ran across two videos.  One precisely explained the opinion of he uninformed person, especially a young person's uninformed opinion.  

Misguided thoughts about Socialism

 The other video was between Regan and Obama which was both funny and educational.

Reagan & Obama Views on Socialism 

I urge you to watch the videos.  Knowledge is power!  These two videos are priceless.

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