10 Feb

A pet peeve of mine is that too many people engage in "PARROT TALK" which is talk that is like the parrots use.  Parrots do not have the ability to formulate original speech; they only repeat what they hear because they have limited brain power to do otherwise.

However, even though humans have been blessed with a brain that can analyze a subject and formulate words to communicate to others, many liberals are too lazy to do this and only spew out "sound bites" they like.

When you watch the news channels, it is apparent that the entire world is in chaos, primarily due to people who do not use all of their brains to view a subject logically; they are satisfied to spread "PARROT TALK" which is harmful since it usually originates from a questionable source.

I say...down with PARROT TALK and lets get back to intelligent ,well-thought-out communication that will aid in solving problems...not making matters worse.


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