13 Nov

The Democrats do not seem to understand what is important to accomplish for the good of America and the rest of the world.  For example, only one of many examples, Biden shut down the Keystone pipeline and is considering shutting down pipeline 5 out of Canada.  Is he suffering from dementia or is he simply stupid?  As of this writing, we depend on fossil fuel to provide energy to run the country.  Like the mess he made in Afghanistan, he puts the cart before the horse when dealing with climate change.  He is shutting down our energy source before having a reliable replacement to provide for our monumental energy requirement in the world.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to envision how long it will take to completely replace fossil fuel with an alternate source of energy.  The intelligent approach would be to methodically work toward providing the replacement source in small increments at a time instead of eliminating the primary source all at once.  Biden is trying to please liberals who are either uneducated or stupid and do not understand the problems dealing with providing energy to run the world.    

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