20 Feb

Rich folks do not put their money under a mattress; they invest it in a variety of ways. 

One way is by investing it in the stock market, it gives them more money to expand businesses and open additional businesses which CREATES JOBS. On a personal level, they build large houses, buy expensive cars, buy personal planes and helicopters, eat at expensive restaurants, shop at upscale stores, and spend a lot of their money which CREATES JOBS to fulfill their needs and wants.

Socialist minded people want to take away corporation and rich folks' money using the tax code to put it in the US Money Bucket to waste on many useless projects and only provides jobs for government workers.  Therefore, taking too much money from rich folks means they will  not have as much money to invest in  businesses or other projects that CREATES JOBS for the ordinary man.

My first husband, who is in heaven, was a building contractor, neither rich nor poor but in the middle of the economic chain, who was able to secure building contracts from a lot of rich folks who owned businesses.  By doing so, he was able to provide us with an income but was able to CREATE JOBS for the employees who worked for him.  They in turn purchased groceries, clothes, etc. from businesses who CREATE JOBS.  This is an example of how there is a chain reaction that takes place in capitalism.

The problem with socialist minded people is that they must have slept through their economic classes or simply do not use their brains to figure out how the world works.  They want to receive an abundance of free stuff without figuring out where the money will come from to do so.  Money doesn't grow on trees, as the old saying goes.


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