22 Oct

History is repeating itself.  What we are enduring under the Biden administration, high inflation, and interest rates, is what happened during the Carter years (1977-1981).  I have written a memoir explaining how hard my husband and I worked to achieve a highly successful life only to have Carter elected as POTUS devastated our lives in four short years.  

I used to be a Democrat and voted for Carter.  His policies destroyed our homebuilding business, our only source of income.  Jobs were destroyed in that industry nationwide for a while until President Reagan went into office.  The destruction of our homebuilding business continued to impact our lives for years afterwards.  

To add insult to injury, as the old saying goes, I made a decision to enter college to become a registered nurse in 1977, just before things had started to turn sour on all fronts.  

By the time I graduated and went to work in a hospital during a severe nursing shortage, I faced a double whammy.  I had to deal with my life falling apart and a frustrating job. In those days, hospitals did not have the superior electronic systems they have today.  There were no secretaries or computers to communicate with other departments.

Everything had to be written out by hand and sent to the various departments by a pneumatic system.  The drug department, furnishing meds throughout the hospital, was obsolete and may have been responsible for the nursing shortage.  It was almost impossible to give medications on time or give them at all.

The pain of our homebuilding business being destroyed was not a brief experience in my life, it has endured even up to this time.   However, I am doing fine but it hasn't been easy.

I wrote my book to warn people about what can happen when you vote for the wrong person to be POTUS and other political leaders to run our country.  

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