14 Oct

This is the best thing that has hit the news lately!  It is about time she leaves the party because she "thinks" more like a Republican and/or an Independant.

  I was once a Democratic myself until President Carter, whom I voted for, and his policies devastated my life.   Why did I vote for Carter?  Because my father was one, his claim of being a Christian, and his engaging smile enticed me to vote for him.  

Smart decision-making skills, no?  Lots of people vote without knowing what they are doing.  Carter is a good man, but it has been said that he was smart but not shrewd.  Biden is neither smart nor shrewd.  

Biden and his gang are destroying America with their obsession with climate change and fighting for abortion rights.  They are oblivious to the problems created by the border crisis, crime, and inflation affecting the economy.  

I think Gabbard pulling out of the DEMOCRAT PARTY is the best thing that has happened in a long time.  While she is a beauty, she also comes across as being a very smart woman.  

By this act, she is shining a light on the bad decisions of the Biden administration.

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