I do not blog on a regular basis, only when I am passionate about a subject.

  • 02-26-2019 09:06 AM

Pastors are only human and have their own personal struggles in life.

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  • 02-22-2019 07:46 PM

Illegal aliens do better in America than the legal people. Read to see why!

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  • 02-20-2019 09:48 AM

Rich folks CREATES JOBS.

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  • 02-12-2019 11:06 AM

Illogical news reporting is having a NEGATIVE impact on America.

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  • 02-11-2019 08:02 AM

Christians who belong to a church can have a dramatic impact on the political scene by standing up for Christian values vs Liberal values.

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  • 02-10-2019 12:36 PM

Parrots cannot speak original words, they can only repeat what they "sound bites."

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