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​​​​You will find mini-reviews of my books on this page to help you decide if you would like to read one of my books.


  • ABSOLUTE PROOF THAT GOD EXISTS:  ENCOUNTER WITH GOD My best book!  I try to pass along all that I have learned in my walk with God and his son Jesus which includes the good, bad, and the ugly I have experienced.  I write about a personal encounter with God with three witnesses to the miracle.  My best friend and two pastor's wives were included in part of my miracle, but not all of it.  I think God allowed that so they would not doubt my story about everything that happened.
  • HURRICANE SLAMS HOSPITAL - This is a fiction/comedy/drama, loosely based on a true story that happened while I was working in a hospital when Hurricane Frederick hit the city of Mobile, AL in 1979.   The story is full of memorable characters, one being MARY AGNES.
  • THE DEACON - A devout Christian man, a black deacon in a predominantly white church, is forced to make a bad decision due to circumstances beyond his control; however, this caused a domino effect of bad decisions that finally caused him to spiral downward into a Hell on earth.  He wanted his old life back.  Was it possible?
  • STOP ENABLING DRUG ADDICTS AND ALCOHOLICS - Contains a lot of medical information and links to websites for more information regarding the problems involved with “enabling” addicts.  I have included “true” stories from both addicts and enablers, hoping their lives will show how enabling is a harmful type of behavior that hinders an addict from attaining their optimum level of functioning.
  • A SPECIAL CHRISTMAS STORY - This is a Christmas story about a ten-year-old girl and is written for children in 3-5th grades and is very loosely based on my childhood.  A lot of children are interested in how people lived in the “old days” and how they entertained themselves before the invention of the “machines.”
  • A NURSE’S MEMOIR - This is like a story in the bible about JOB who worked hard and lost everything.  The same thing happened to my husband and me.  While I was trying to survive the tragedy, I worked as a registered nurse in a hospital that presented many terrible challenges.  I endured several medical  maladies that threatened to kill me.  Like Job, my husband and I were tested to see if we would still worship God.  We learned to never give up, no matter what.
  • THE WORLD OF ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE – Since my best fried of many years came down with the disease at 50 years of age, my mother suffered from it at the end of her 88-year-old life, and my second husband developed it by the time he was 80 years old; I feel I can offer a personal insight to the disease.  Alzheimer does not care who it affects, all races, status in life, or how smart you are.
  • THE TEN COMMANDMENTS ILLUMINATED - Ten modern-day stories that illuminate the commandments.  They have gotten watered down and almost forgotten.  I have tried to put a spotlight on them again.
  • SEVEN SINS THAT ARE DEADLY - Like cancer, in the beginning the symptoms do not seem so bad.  However, like cancer, if not treated, cancer will kill the body and the sins will kill the soul.
  • GOD IS LOVE – My goal is to encourage Christians who are suffering from problems and need to feel the love of God.
  • MY DOG FLUFFY – While I have had many pets in my lifetime, Fluffy was a present from my father after I had suffered serious abuse from the behavior of a teacher.  I had to be removed from that school and enrolled in one where all my teachers loved me.  My principal thought I hung the moon.  My dog Fluffy helped to bring happiness to my world.
  • THE AFTERMATH – This is a story about three of the characters in my book Hurricane Slams Hospital.  These three characters are the only ones I have not forgotten.  I am anxious to find out what happened to them after the hurricane was over and the book ended.