Publishing Business

Publishing Business
Click on the following link to view an excellent video about the publishing business:

Video about Self-Publishing vs Traditional Publishing.

SELF-PUBLISHING HAS COME A LONG WAY FROM THE OLD DAYS. In the old days, self-publishing authors were thought of as not being good enough to be accepted by a traditional publishing house. Not so! THINK ABOUT IT: There are a million/gazillion authors with excellent books that should be published and a limited amount of traditional publishers that can handle so many authors.

This is a video made by Denise George of CHRISTIAN WRITER'S FOR LIFE FACEBOOK GROUP PAGE, a successful author, who explains the difference between self-publishing and using a traditional publisher . She clearly points out the pro and cons of choosing either route; however, she makes it clear that using a traditional publisher is the best way, if you can get the attention of a traditional publisher, and have time and patience to wait for them to accept your completed manuscript, and can handle a possible rejection of the manuscript, to them finally publishing it, which can take anywhere from six months to many years.

What Self-Publishing means to New York Times Notable Crime Novelist Deborah Coonts on self-publishing:
“Freedom to write stories YOU want to read not stories a brain-trust in NY decides ‘will sell.’ Freedom to try different covers. Freedom to allow a story to find its market. Freedom to experiment. Freedom to be who you were meant to be as a writer. Freedom to shout in your own voice, knowing there are others out there who will hear and understand.