"When I sit down to write a book,
I do not say to myself, 'I am going to produce a work of art.'
I write it because there is some lie that I want to expose,
some fact to which I want to draw attention,
and my initial concern is to get a hearing."
- George Orwell -



The Association of Christian Writers is a charity run by Christian writers for Christian writers. They seek to encourage, inspire and equip members; and support them in their craft in an ever-changing culture.

ACFW's mission is to help a writer tell their stories by inspiring them to partner with God in the creative process, learn the craft, and find their audience.

As the writer and publisher of all of my books, these associations offer helpful information to help me in my craft.

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Publishing Business

Publishing Business
Click on the following link to view an excellent video about the publishing business:

Video about Self-Publishing vs Traditional Publishing.

SELF-PUBLISHING HAS COME A LONG WAY FROM THE OLD DAYS. In the old days, self-publishing authors were thought of as not being good enough to be accepted by a traditional publishing house. Not so! THINK ABOUT IT: There are a million/gazillion authors with excellent books that should be published and a limited amount of traditional publishers that can handle so many authors.

This is a video made by Denise George of CHRISTIAN WRITER'S FOR LIFE FACEBOOK GROUP PAGE, a successful author, who explains the difference between self-publishing and using a traditional publisher . She clearly points out the pro and cons of choosing either route; however, she makes it clear that using a traditional publisher is the best way, if you can get the attention of a traditional publisher, and have time and patience to wait for them to accept your completed manuscript, and can handle a possible rejection of the manuscript, to them finally publishing it, which can take anywhere from six months to many years.

What Self-Publishing means to New York Times Notable Crime Novelist Deborah Coonts on self-publishing:
“Freedom to write stories YOU want to read not stories a brain-trust in NY decides ‘will sell.’ Freedom to try different covers. Freedom to allow a story to find its market. Freedom to experiment. Freedom to be who you were meant to be as a writer. Freedom to shout in your own voice, knowing there are others out there who will hear and understand.


This is a video of the spiritually moving song MARY DID YOU KNOW that your baby boy would become the savior of the world?


I do not blog on a regular basis, only when I am passionate about a subject.

  •  09-10-2021 08:07 AM

A writer appreciates a good review after working hard to produce a book.

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  •  01-26-2021 11:15 AM

How can one man, Biden, decide to cancel a mammoth project like the Keystone Pipeline with a stroke of a pen. He not only did away with 11,000+ jobs instantly, he put America, once again, being forced to reach out to the ARABS for oil in the future. This type of executive order should require the vote and acceptance of the Congress and Senate.

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  •  08-10-2020 01:50 PM

For years, we have heard that Armageddon is near, but there were events that had not transpired but are just now being fulfilled.

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About Audrey

About Audrey


Once upon a time, I got married and established a family, a husband and four kids. For personal reasons, I decided to go to college. Although it was hard to do so while raising a family and helping my husband in the construction business, I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from the University of South Alabama. I worked primarily in medical/cardiac intensive care units most of my career. My first husband of 46 years died in 2002. I built a house on Dauphin Island, AL (for further details, read my book: Absolute Proof God Really Exists). I continued to work as a nurse. However, my mother came down with Alzheimer's Disease. Rather than pay a medical service to care for her, I moved her into my house, got out of nursing, and cared for her until she died in my home. As I cared for her, no longer employed as a nurse, I needed to make money to survive. I contacted a medical transcription company and due to my knowledge of medical terms, they hired me to transcribe medical documents from my home . After working for them for a few years, I started doing free-lance writing for another company. After my mother died, I did not want to get back into nursing, so I started substitute teaching, thinking it would be rewarding (a joke!), but kept on writing also. Finally, I gave up subbing as a teacher and started writing books full-time. In 2015, I married my second husband, Bill Cox. He supports my writing. We live on Dauphin Island, AL. Writing has become a way of life for me.

God has blessed me with my marriage to Bill and giving me the
talent, the energy, and determination to write in my twilight years.
God is good!

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