07 Oct

Does anybody really think alternate energy can replace fossil fuel energy supply soon?

The "climate change" crowd has not considered what it will take to convert to alternate energy.  This will be a massive undertaking.

The talk about alternate energy includes solar panels that can become ineffective when exposed to natural elements.  This will be due to accumulated sludge caused by dust and rain after a period of time.

Wind energy provided by windmills are subject to mechanical failure since any machine lasts only a certain length of time.

Nuclear power plants are a dangerous way to supply energy due to plant failure and can become a target for both American and foreign terrorists.

The climate change theory needs to be studied more by conservative scientists.  We have always had climate changes ranging from the ice age, devastating hurricanes, excessive heat and droughts, etc.  

The way the solar system works is up to an intelligent being, a/k/a God, and not liberal scientifically uneducated people who use it to accomplish some goal, usually political or money oriented.   

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