29 May

When I was in high school, our principal came over the overhead speaker and made an announce ment.  

He said, "There is a goup of clean cut young men who have offered to entertain us today.  They are trying to get started in the music industry.  I have never talked to such clean cut young men and I urge you to go to the auditorium now to hear them play.  They are asking for a quarter for admission. 

They sounded so boring to me, I was not interested in hearing them play.  However, everybody in the room left, so I put in my quarter and followed them.

We had a very nice auditorium with a stage and stadium seats.  The stage curtains were closed.  We waited for a short while and then heard music playing behind the curtains.  The curtains slowly opened exposing a small band with the lead singer being Elvis Presley.

They immediately started playing the music Elvis is famous for playing, including Blue Suede Shoes, Jail House Rock, and others.  He wiggled his legs to the time of the music as a form of dancing. Within minutes, we all got up and started screaming and dancing in front of our seats.  It is a wonder the stadium seats didn't collapse.

Elvis and his little band brought the house down.  We absolutely loved his music.  Little did we know he would become famous world-wide.  And it only cost us a quarter.

After the band finished their show, they packed up and left.  Immediately, our principal got on the overhead speaker and said, "I have NEVER seen such a vulgar display, etc.  It was just the beginning of Elvis being critized.  

When he played on the Ed Sullivan TV show, the camera men could only record him from the waist up.  Can you believe? 

This was the first time I laid eyes on Elvis the King of Music.

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