29 Mar

This coach was employed by a famous Christian school in Mobile, AL.  His arrest has motivated me to write this article about schools that label themselves as being a Christian School.

Many years ago, the wife of the pastor of the church my husband and I was attending got a vision to start a Christian School.  Since my husband was the head of the deacons in the church, the pastor sought his approval first.  My husband and I thought it was a wonderful idea.

Immediately, other leaders of the church joined in to make her vision a reality.  From the very beginning, problems plagued the school.  They elected my husband as the head of the school board.  However, the school board did not have 100% control of how the school functioned.  The passive-aggressive pastor was in charge!  Although he was a great pastor, he should have let the school board run the school.    

When a school labels itself as being a Christian School, it is imperative that all staff members act like Christians. Otherwise, the actions of the principal, teachers and other staff members create a confusion in the minds of the students.  Actions speak louder than words.  Some of them acted like appropriate Christians and many of them did not.

The founding of the school created a "split" in the church.  During one evening church service, the pastor deliberately put forth a motion from the pulpit to vote on splitting the church.  This was a surprise to my husband and all the deacons.  In other words, the pastor made the decision alone.  I have often wondered if he consulted his wife.  

Some members left, some stayed.  This forced some members to give up their beloved church.  Some were life-long members.  One lady had donated the land the church and school were built on.

My husband and I left with one-half of the members mainly because of the way the pastor handled the situation.  Since that time, the so-called Christian School is not living up to what the pastor's wife had envisioned.  

The pastor's wife died.  This is one reason that I don't think God will allow us to look back at what is happening on earth after we die, because she would be very unhappy as to what has happened to her wonderful vision. 

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