19 Jun

It is common knowledge that mass shootings are caused by mentally unhealthy people.  However, the government,  liberal media, and left wing liberals are more interested in taking away guns instead of addressing mental health treatments.  Millions are spent trying to convince the public that if guns were not available, mass and mini murders would not exist.  Not so!  There are numerous ways to commit murder.  The mentally unhealthy people would use other methods to do their dirty deeds.

As a registered nurse who usually worked in intensive units in hospitals, I decided to work in a mental facility for a short period of time.  Why?  To learn more about how a person's mental health affects their physical illness.

The facility I chose to work in treated neurotics and chemically dependent patients.  Seriously deranged mental patients were sent upstate.  As I worked, I witnessed some success and no progress made with some patients.  Mental disease is harder to treat than physical disease.  Why?  Because physical diseases and treatments have more established parameters of data than dealing with mental disease.

There are diagnoses established for many mental diseases, but there is no way to establish how sick a patient is in their disease.  Due to experience over the years, a doctor can usually predict what stage a physical illness has progressed to affect a patient.

In the case of a mentally unhealthy patient, using a scale on a continuum with 0 (zero) being totally insane and 100 (one hundred) being totally sane, it is difficult for a psychiatrist to tell where a patient falls on the continuum.  Everyone reading this article would not fall on the scale at 100 including the author of this article.

While mental health can be treated, it is very expensive.  The government spends millions on projects such as Pelosi's famous example:  "Testing shrimp on a treadmill."   The same amount of money spent on that project could have gone far in treating the mentally ill.

How can people who are mentally unhealthy be identified in the general population?  There can be tip-call lines set up and good AI's can analyze and document the calls because mentally unhealthy people will make some of the calls.  AI's can be programmed to analyze the person who is calling to establish their mental health.  This will be a flawed way to collect data on mentally unhealthy people, but how else can we gather data?

The FBI can investigate the calls instead of harassing Donald Trump and other innocent people.  The job description of FBI agents appear to have disintegrated over the years, shown by their actions.

Let's spend some of the wasteful money spent on stupid projects be spent on MENTAL HEALTH PROJECTS.


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