Do we expect too much out of the pastors of our churches?

26 Feb

The most important and difficult job in the world is being the pastor of a church.  Why do I think so?  

After researching the Internet for statistics on how many people believe in life after death and a belief in a heaven and hell, the numbers vary but most people believe in both.  Funny thing, many  atheists and agnostics also believe in life after death.

What has this got to do with expecting too much out of our pastors?  Pastors are expected to encourage the members of a church by delivering sermons liberally filled with words of wisdom, preferably with enthusiastic unction that stirs a Christian's spirit with enough impact to last a member until the next Sunday.

However, pastors are not superhuman people, they are ordinary humans called to be a pastor of a church.  A pastor is not immune to personal problems that arise in his own life requiring him to find solutions, but at the same time he is expected to counsel some members to help them solve their problems.  A pastor's job description is multi-faceted and includes delivering comforting words at funerals and during hospital visits, etcetera,  no matter what state of mind he finds himself on a particular day.  He is expected to put aside his own private struggles in life and always be "on" for his members.

Pastors need prayers more than anyone in the church.  Aside from praying for pastors, church members should refrain from being picky, control freaks, and gossip mongers who complicate his "calling" from God.

I write this blog to remind members of a church that Pastors are not personally immune from suffering the same personal trial and tribulations that beset all men; however, pastors should be "called" into the ministry by God, not enter the ministry simply as a chosen profession.

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